Turkey Taxidermy Made Easy

Personalized Turkey Tail Fan and Beard Plaque

Personalized Turkey Tail Fan & Beard Plaque

Mounting a turkey fan is one of easiest & best-looking ways to preserve a trophy. Unlike most mounts, turkey fans can be professionally done by anyone- not just a taxidermist. Follow these simple steps & you’ll preserve the memories of your latest hunt for generations.

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The first part of the process starts in the field. Before you head home, you need to remove the fan from your turkey. Find the base of the tail feathers & cut around them, including a few extra rows of feathers.

Turkey Beard and Personalized 2 Picture Plaque

Turkey Beard and Personalized 2 Picture Plaque

Once you’re home, make sure the feathers are in good shape. Gently wash away any dirt or blood with water & dish soap. When the feathers are clean, you’re ready to start your fan mount. If you can’t dedicate time right away, place the fan in the refrigerator for a few days or the freezer for long-term storage.

The next step is crucial to ensuring your fan mount won’t rot or attract bugs. Start by cutting away as much fat & flesh as possible, leaving only the skin around the quills intact. A knife, small scissors & diagonal pliers will all come in handy. You can also use a wire brush to scrape in between the quills, ensuring all the hard-to-reach flesh gets removed. When you’re finished , the only thing holding the fan together will be a small piece of skin at the base of the feathers.

Turkey Beard and Personalized 3 Picture Plaque

Turkey Beard and Personalized 3 Picture Plaque

After the quills are scraped off, place powdered Borax throughout the quills, skin & feathers bases. Lay the fanon a piece of cardboard or wood,& starting with the middle, arrange the feathers into the position you want, holding them in place by putting pins or nails between them. It’s important to check your fan twice a day to remove the clumped powder & replace with a fresh coat. After two days of this, reapply Borax & cover the fan with cardboard or paper to keep it protected. Let the fan sit for a week or two in a low-traffic area to keep it from getting bumped.

The skin & quills will now be dry & preserved – remove the Borax & scrape away any remaining bits of flesh. Be careful doing this, as the dried skin holding your fan together is fragile. Once cleaned, apply Bondo putty around the quills, skin & base of the feathers. This will hold your fan together & provide a stable mounting base. Placing plastic over both sides of the Bondo as it dries will result in a smooth, easy-to-work with finish. After the fan is dry, you are ready to attach it to the plaque.

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