The Call Hunters Swear By... Not At

All Enticer Calls will prove superior to what you are using now or in the past. If you disagree I will refund your money in full. That is Guaranteed! These are Custom Handmade Turkey Calls by Al Holbert.

I make turkey calls second to no one in sound & workmanship plus a guarantee no one can come close to. - Al

All of the Wet Wonder Series Turkey Calls work wet or dry & will take all the water you give it without failure in any way. GUARANTEED! They have a loud clear raspy sound, impossible to tell it from a real turkey in the woods.

Wet Wonder Series handmade turkey call
Wet Wonder Series

Shop our large series of turkey calls, handmade by Al Holbert.

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Our strikers are handmade and work our calls to produce real turkey sounds.

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Looking to bag that next predator, our calls will do the trick.

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We have accessories to give your calls the care they need to last forever.

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The No-Bull Lifetime Glass Replacement Guarantee

Sometimes hunters drop it, sit on it, step on it, or just simply break a glass call

That’s why every call has the Enticer “No-Bull Lifetime Glass Replacement Guarantee”. Just send $6.00 to cover return shipping and material cost, and the labor is free! This guarantee policy only applies to calls made since 1988.