Wet Wonder

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1 Wet Striker & 1 Dry Striker Included with Call

Machined from one solid piece of DuPont Corian.


Machined from one solid piece of DuPont Corian. All new sound chamber, 8 smaller holes in the back gives this call a new sharp acoustic sound with a lot of rasp. This is the proto call that my new Next Generation adjustable call was developed from and field-tested in Spring 2009. Thin, light call with a big sound, works wet or dry and will take all the water you want to give it. A lot of so-called ”wet calls” will let you down when you need them. Wet Wonder will work the first time – and every time – without fail. Guaranteed! Comes with Laminated Power Stick and Wet One strikers.NOTE: The pot color is now Dark Gray or Green.

3 reviews for Wet Wonder

  1. Brian Spillers (verified owner)

    I just purchased the Wet Wonder. I have not yet had a chance to work a turkey with it because Louisiana season has not opened yet. I can tell you this, this call sounds remarkable and the back sounds just as good as the front. As far as getting it wet, this call sounds exactly the same wet or dry. There’s not enough stars for me to honestly rate the Wet Wonder so I’m forced to only give it 5 stars. Super great call. Thanks.

  2. Isaac bergdoll

    Purchased this call a few years ago off this website and it hasn’t disappointed. Had a hen come in and call next to me one time and it sounded identical to this call. Great product!

  3. Jason Caldwell

    Love this call the guys at Nose Down Scents will only use this call as it has passed the test for us

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