Norm Saucier

Just a line to let you know I always keep your Silver Fox in my vest. When the long box doesn’t work I go to the silver fox. Yesterday May 3rd at 9:30am I had nothing going. I went to the silver fox and I thought I heard a faint gobble. I’m 62 and things are starting to wear out. Anyway, to make a long story short, in thick woods I called a 21 1/2 lb gobbler to the gun, after 45 minutes of yelps and soft purrs and clucks, I shot him at 15 yds. Your silver fox has brought in birds over the years I’ve had it and it usually coaxes a gobble where nothing else does. Thanks for a product that works. There is nothing else like a mature gobbler battling wits with you, like the bird I just told you about, The convincer for him was scratching in the leaves. He had hung up behind a large patch of thick brush. But your call brought him in from a long ways away. Norm Saucier