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Calling All Turkeys – by Roger Kingsley

This Article was taken from Mountain Home and written by Roger Kingsley, you can view the article here at Mountain Home. One day while reading Turkey Call magazine, I noticed an article about traveling turkey calls. Four custom-made calls were selected to be used by turkey hunters scattered across sixteen states. What was the point?…

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Post about Turkeys

History By the early 1900s, the turkey population had been decimated in North America because of habitat destruction, commercial hunting, and lack of wildlife regulations. Hunters, wildlife agencies and conservation organizations intervened and turkey populations rebounded dramatically. More than 7 million wild turkeys now roam North America, with populations in every U.S. state but Alaska.…

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What to Do When Approached by a Wildlife Conservation Officer

Each year Pennsylvania wildlife conservation officers (WCOs) check thousands of hunters, trappers and game land users for compliance with wildlife laws. These officers enforce laws intended to keep people safe, protect personal property and conserve Pennsylvania’s wildlife resources. A compliance check by a wildlife conservation officer is an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to have positive interactions with officers while…

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